Start over again but even better.

Alright, let's get this thing moving. Had a broken night's sleep but I'll take it. I was awake for a long time between 1 and 3 or so. Had some story running through my mind and tried to make something useful out of it. Apparently failed because I can't remember any of it now. It was a nice or at last a neutral story.

I like this way of warming up for writing. I just let my mind start it any way it wants and then leave it up to the little people in my brain to figure their way out of it. So far it's been working fine. That and not looking at the screen except every once in a while so I don't have to keep editing what I see. It's much better just to keep moving and come back later fix it.

Come back later to fix it. Sometimes typing feels like such an unnatural chore, such an awkward and inefficient way to get my thoughts out but actually for me it's even better than talking. Every time I have to dictate I freeze up. I feel like I have to completely compose a sentence before saying it and then where does that leave you for adding the next sentence? Or at least putting together a meaningful narrative or story. It's too much trouble. 

I just remembered what I was thinking about in the night, it was the little piece I put together about the guy going to present the ad campaign. I thought it might fill out better if I took it out of he first person and gave him a name like Bob. Bob rushes through the door, etc. But I remember thinking that it doesn't have the same effect as You are rushing through the door. Probably because of the revealing of details which seem to get worse and worse and the story goes. The story works or at least makes me laugh because of the brevity and how quickly you reveal how bad things are. By the time you get to the last line, you've stopped cringing. I should try more with that premise.

SO I guess I can start the content making now. It's kind of like getting mentally prepared to kill and butcher a pig and make sausage, except I could never do that.


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