A Tottering Start

1043h and I'm just getting started on this blog. Haven't meditated, tried but installed the software to the weather station thingy yesterday and ever since things haven't been working on my computer. For instance, the Start key doesn't work so it's hard to get to some of the programs, the Netgear Genie disappeared and I had to re-install it because of course Ashton immediately wanted her laptop to work and after I downloaded a new copy and reinstalled it, I found... wait for it, her laptop was on, she just hadn't tried it. I tried to meditate but first the headband wouldn't connect tot he phone, then the dogs began barking outside my window (you know the one, just outside the catbox).

So I uninstalled the weather software and restarted, no soap. But, I decided to just skip that little quest for perfection and move on to the rest of my routine. I'll double back later to the meditation and making the computer work.

Yesterday morning I got a 1% calm on my meditation and it felt like it too. I'm a lot more torqued this morning so I don't feel like trying to meditate until I at least have a shot at that 1%.

I need to shift gears, I put on the sounds of the Laundromat and Aircraft Cabin but so far it's not calming me and my typos here are driving me crazy. I am definitely in full relapse mode here so it's a good time to practice my recovery drills.

A moment please. Well a short pause for some encantations and I feel a little better. In that moment, it occurred to me that like placebos you don't have to believe in them for them to work.


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