Ever so.

Good night, OK Morning. Scout is very stiff and sore by the way he moves. There's a big bark going on and the way he looked at me he acted as though he didn't want to go out to bark but he had to. Smudge now doing most of the barking for the 2 of them. Scout has his good days and his bad days. I think when he starts feeling better he over-does it and then he's kind of stove-up for a few days, recovering. It just takes longer and longer to recover each time. I know the feeling.

Interesting dreams but nothing earth-shaking. There was something about catching some kind of pedophile before he struck again but now idea where that came from. Must have read something, maybe the Dennis Hastert deal. I read about that yesterday.

Once again missed putting the flea medicine on Rosie this morning. Have to try again tomorrow. NPO tomorrow for afternoon deal. Still OK with that.

Would like to stay in today and get some writing done. Not sure I'll be able to be creative tomorrow or the next day what with the dental thing looming. Possibly won't be such a big deal. Like John would say, "Don't bring no shit, won't be no shit."

We'll see. I will do my best.


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