The end of a week that didn't turn out as well as I thought it would. Launched the site.and it's just not understood as I thought it would. The ads are up that's good. Talked about it, actually I didn't, I was going to say I told about it on Facebook but actually I just put up a couple ads and never explained it. I should take another run at that. People are bombarded with site choices so there's no rel reason to think that they'd latch on to one with no connection to themselves. I need to think things through as if I'm not the center of the universe. Have it more plain that it's intended as a humor site. Explain that the contents change each time you visit it. Make it plain.

Other than that, another night a couple dreams, one good one that I couldn't get back. Maybe that's a pattern when something happens I like I stop and try to relive it rather than go on and see if more happens that I like.

I'm still pumped about the writing, but I want to make sure that it's going somewhere.

I intend to set up a real logo today for the site. Saw a nice graphic on Envato last night. I think it will work. I think I'll write a bit to get warmed up and then try to work on the logo,. I have to run errands though which will take out the middle of my day.

More later

Wow, it's 1823h and I bought a logo at Envato then had to buy Corel Draw to modify the logo. That took a while to learn enough to do the fix, but the new "provisional" Logo is up on the site and I love it.


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