What can I say?

Another night, another morning. Bad heartburn has started, 3 days after stopping the Prilosec. Had Karl Jr's burger yesterday and paid dearly for it last evening. Lot's of antacids. May need to start the omeprazole again. Not sure that Ranitidine is better for my kidneys and I'm sure it's worse for my stomach.

Got the iPhone yesterday and my only concern is that I can't get my calendar over from the Galaxy yet. I've moved it to the Google calendar and now I can't get the Google Calendar on the Galaxy to sync with sync with the Google calendar online. Go figure, I have time to do it. I like the rest of the iPhone so far.

Will need to go to Costco pretty soon today then I can play around with the Phone some more. It would be good to get in a little writing today as well.


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