A Big Frosty Mug of Sunday Morning

It's a week before Christmas and a beautiful cold sunny winter morning here at Rancho Beekarosa. The dogs are both happy today and the household, minus Ben who's at work, is humming right along with seasonal abandon.

I finished the first 3 illustrations for the project I was contacted about and they turned out pretty well I think. I'm learning more about the production process that should help speed things up when we get moving.

Of course, I'm saying all this as if it's a done deal, which it isn't. Tomorrow or so, they'll either send me an agreement or they won't. I hope it goes through and I get to do it. It would be good to get into the drawing again. But my printing can be better. I should work on it and then relabel the first pictures.

I can't help notice that I uninstalled Grammarly yesterday, but it's still active in this window while I type. I'll have to check the Chrome plugins and see if there's another extension in there.

A so-so night. Nothing great. I was up a few times in the night and it took a while to get bak to sleep. Had some dreams but I don't remember them. The usual fight to get out of bed this morning. Yada, yada.

I'm not sure there's a lot of drawing work to do before the first of the year even if I do get the work. I better take advantage the time to enjoy Christmas and get some writing done on the book.  There's actually no reason I couldn't finish the book in the two weeks I have left in the year.

It would be a matter of writing every day and staying at it. Of course, the story would have to go somewhere too. I can't have it idle around in a circle, marking time. We'll see what happens.

More later,


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