Leftover Thoughts

It's Saturday and Ben has gone off to work, everyone else is home.

We just took an hour break and looked at old pictures. Sue was going through the cedar chest looking for Christmas decorations and found a little dress that belonged to Ashton as a baby and I found the pictures of her in the dress and we got caught going through old pictures. There was all the requisite remarks and remembrances and talking about how everyone had changed and how young everyone looked.

It looked like a whole life going by there and it was really only a small part of life. Still, the pictures are fun to look at. I had a glass of eggnog too. Always nice to have some of that around.

Not sure how much is going to get done today on things. It kind of feels like there are a lot of things up in the air. But maybe that's just a perception.

I might try breaking the log jam by writing a bit of what I can and then try to connect the parts later. I'm not sure how well that works. It might lack a cohesion if it's not written in a row. It might be worth it though as it's better than not writing at all.

I could go back and do a little editing on Bad Times just for fun.

Just that quickly I took off on another tangent. I started thinking about the contact I had yesterday from someone interested in me doing some illustrations and animations for a fellowship they were putting together. I began to think about the Flash animation application I used to use on NX2010 to make small tutorials. It was called Incrediflash and I pulled the files over onto the NxMax2 and started installation which of course warned me off and I aborted it.

So then I went online to see what Flash was like now and what tools there were to use it now. I started the hard way wiki of Adobe product and then went back to the Increditools site to look up the current versions of Incrediflash. That's where I ended up before I remembered that I'd started writing this almost 2 hours ago.

Oh and before that, I looked up how to address the HDD on the router from yesterday. I found I could just type in \\ in the explorer to arrive at the hard drive from any machine on the network. Easier than all the stuff from yesterday.

I'm going back now to the Increditools site and I'll return here later,

OK, I'm back and there wasn't anything definitive there, just more questions. I have to know more about what the guys wants before I'm in a position to find the right software. If nothing else, I will make the pieces on the old machine. That wouldn't be the end of the world.

More later,


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