Cartoon morning, The Dog Blog

I'd give the night a score of 6.7 overall. Wasn't great, wasn't bad. Got up a few times. Took a while to fall asleep after I finished reading my fill. Some pains otherwise OK.

I am tempted to try one of those around the clock work/sleep schedules to see how it worked out. Have two work stations, the office and the chair, and two sleep stations, the chair and the bed. I'd have to work out some kind of diversion time.

The whole point would be to get me out of a sleepless night and back to writing or drawing as much as possible. I don't know. There are many better ways to handle the situation.

There's one more drawing to do for the adductor canal block and then I can write more and play with the videos he sent. I can also finish working out the best workflow to maximize efficiency and output.

The small amount I read yesterday about the Painter brushes was very helpful in setting up a more efficient workspace. I wish there were an easier way for me to learn about Painter. I'm sure there are many ways to make things easier for me.

After I finish the next picture, I should spend at least some of each day learning about Painter, over the next two weeks. It would be time well spent.

I think I'm about to dump Grammarly. It encroaches on my writing almost more than it helps. I've uninstalled Grammarly to see if it makes things better. I guess I'll have to restart to get rid of it from the browser.

I'm done for now.

More later,


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