Gyrational Perturbations of the Great Wheel

We are approaching the top of the great wheel's yearly turn and the festival of TopDeadCenter will soon be upon us. I hope you are all adorning your mules, horses and small ponies in the traditional TDC raiment. It will be more important than ever to look good for the Big Kiss Off and associated Welcoming of the next slide period in style.

I must control my mind as my children grow. There is a tendency for me to worry overmuch about their course in the world. Most everyone makes it through this part of their lives and I must have faith that they will too.

My dogs will be scared by the popper boomers that come on New Years E'en and this time I will try wrapping them in 6" ace bandage comfortable slings to make them less scared. They don't understand what its happening and think that someone is after them.

They are good souls and trust the world far too much. I have to try to fix the handle on my chair today, at least patch it if I can. I may need to drag out the small welder and put some little bolsters on the end of it to make it hold together for another month. It is near it's end.

This morning while Sue took a shower and I slept, a CFL bulb in the bathroom self destructed and put out some fearful acrid smoke. She woke me to tell me that something was burning in the bathroom and she didn't know what. She said I should remember to check it out after I got up. A minute later she said one of the lightbulbs was smoking and that was it.

I seem to remember another CFL spiral bulb overheating and burning the base at one time at least. It's kind of scary to think about because those light are left on all the time. That reminds me I should show it to the kids and remind them about it.

More later,


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