Twister Pants

Another Thursday in a long line of Thursdays. I'm not sure what to hope for on this particular one. It's just my dogs and myself here this morning and right now they're outside, keeping lonely watch on the ramparts of the keep. It's quiet out there. A little too quiet for my tastes. Something's afoot.

It's like that part of the movie when it's night and there's fog all around. A midsized black labrador dressed in a dark blue navy pea coat and watch cap is standing on the barricade with a cigarette dangling from his lips looking out into the vague darkness. In the distance, a foghorn sounds and we see headlights in the fog driving up the twisting road to the warehouse where the action is waiting to take place. Low strings are playing a sullen tune in the background. We know something is about to happen but we don't know what it is.

It's like that, except it's two black dogs in the side yard looking through field fence at the neighbor's house and street to see if they can see someone or something. I'll settle for that scene. At least they're not barking.

My hands are starting to break loose and move with more determination. I think my mind is working better as well.

I had some strange dreams. The last one involved making a huge barbecue in a neighbor's yard. There were two turkeys and several roasts and briskets. It was all arranged in a large steel barrel arrangement. The barrel was cut in half lengthwise and hinged somehow, like a clamshell. It was placed partially in the ground and there were smoking chunks of hardwood placed around inside the lower half.

One of the turkeys was held upside down inside the upper half and I don't know how. It was the first piece I removed. The problem was that the whole thing was in a neighbor's yard. It didn't take place here in our neighborhood. I don't know where it was. It was very tricky. I eventually tried to get help bringing the pieces into the house through a window that lead to the neighbor's yard. It wasn't that the neighbors didn't know about the cooking going on in their yard, it was more about them having a party there and I didn't want to interrupt them. Weird story though.

There was also another dream that I stuck on for a while but I cannot remember what was happening in it. It was a very chopped up morning's sleep.

More later,


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