Christmas E. Dave

Here we are on the day before Christmas and the tension in the air is almost palpable. No really, I'm kidding. It feels pretty laid back from where I'm sitting. I think this Christmas is special because it's the last one before big changes come to our country. We may look back on this particular Christmas as one of the good old days.

While on Facebook a few minutes ago I saw some posts of old pictures from Pella Iowa and I drifted off into a revelry of nostalgia as happens from time to time. Almost painful. It comes around pretty quick to the reality of visiting an empty house full of memories and marveling at the difference that the people we love make in a setting. The people we take for granted as they occupy their spaces and the differences that become apparent after they're no longer there.

This is what life is in the long view. It brings up the importance of making good memories for the ones we love now and what the space will look like after we're gone. We need to remind our loved ones that we will always be with them in their memories and that they never need to feel alone in the future. Love is really stronger than death and this is one way that we see it. 

I probably don't need to go down that little road any more. I want to finish this up and go watch some more Christmas movies. 

Merry Christmas!

More later,


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