Welcome to Diphtheria Thursday

Yesterday I met Sue over at Macy's and we did some furniture shopping for a couch and chair. It was very enjoyable. We chose a set. I say SET, but they don't really match. We chose them based on some shifting criteria, but the important thing is that we chose them. We'll find a way to make them work for us and they will be great to have in our front room. It's not like they are show furniture. They'll get used everyday and I'm sure that their comfort level will draw people to them.

They're both electric recliners and so we'll need to figure out a much better plug-in system for them. We'll need a surge protector/extension that is very sturdy to place somewhere we can all reach.

I'm glad we got that out of the way. There's no reason to wait until the kids are gone and we're too old to enjoy them.

So with that out of the way, our attention turns to other things. First, the template for muscles. I'm shifting back and forth on that constantly. It's great, it stinks. I'm putting a fair amount of work into it and I hope it looks good and provides me with lots of variation in the look while maintaining the consistency of the pictures.

The next thing is back to the video editor for some ways to illustrate the videos taken of US blocks. I think the Freeze Frame will give me a good way to pause the video and throw some diagrams over the images to explain what we're seeing. It would be very nice to have some synchronized PIPs of the external view of the block. That, along with the diagrams, creates a better learning situation.

This would be hard to explain and direct from across the country but I'm sure that it can be done.

OK, well I've just about hit the end of my rope here for today. I need to write on the story a little today as well. First thing is to call Macy's and clear up the charge deal from yesterday.

More later,


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