Our newest, bestest, billionaire buddy.

There is a lot of depressing commentary out there right now following the elections and I couldn't agree more that the President that was elected is the opposite of what we need, but he seems to be what we want.

With about half of the population voting, the electoral college system wins will place him in the White House for the next term and we will get a chance to see what happens when a spoiled 11-year-old runs the most powerful nation on earth. This is apparently what we deserve because our system made it possible.

If you're one of those people that believes in the pendulum model of karma then this will make sense to you. When I try to make sense of it I tend to think of it as a consequence of the mass media on the people. We love the rule-breaking protagonist in stories and we adore a good tag line. But somehow, the good people in their little houses decided that this guy, that none of them have anything in common with, is the one to understand their needs and care for their problems.

These are largely the same people that buy houses when they don't have an income, take out loans to buy the largest pickup they can't afford and then doll them up while they gripe about the property taxes that support their local schools. They all have granite top counters and big screen TVs and when the bubble pops, they whine and complain that they were taken advantage of by unscrupulous bankers and that they were the real victims. They sue and somebody else covers their failed debt obligations and they start the same pattern all over again.

Donald Trump is the perfect ME-ME-ME candidate for a ME-ME-ME population. They're all for less government until it's time for somebody to bail out a bank, give them aid to rebuild a house destroyed by a hurricane or pay them for not being able to get a job in an area hit by a disaster. No one saves anymore because most people spend more than they make and they figure there's always free money out there if things get really bad.

Besides if you save, you have to pay for your kid's education. If you spend it all, there's free money from the government for paying for college.

All right, I think I'm done railing on the massive selfishness and stupidity of the majority of people in the United States. I only hope that they get what they voted for and use it as a short course on the importance of voter education and participation.

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