Merry Christmas Day

It's Christmas and we opened our presents last evening. The kids are 16 and 18, respectively or in reverse order of birth, or in order of height (shortest first). You get the idea. Anyway, I hope they had a good time and that there will be plenty of Christmasses to compare it to. (Ended the sentence with a preposition there.)

Except for a Russian chorus, the rest of the world seems to have made it through the night, more or less. I'm sorry for the families and friends of those who didn't. It makes for a crummy Christmas when that happens and it will shade every Christmas to come.

I got a set small set of pots and pans that I will need to wash soon. It will be time to start our holiday dinner soon. Should be a fairly easy one to make and clean up after. A small prime rib, some langastino, potatoes, asparagus. That should do it.

I'm trying had to be cheerful in hopes that others will want to be cheerful too. But so far, not much joining in is going on. (Ended the sentence with a preposition there too.) Hopefully people will cheer up as the day goes on. I figure that it's Christmas and we need to be as happy as we can be.

Sue laughed last evening while we were watching Pee Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special from 1988. It was pretty funny. I enjoyed it.

I got a coffee mug for Christmas with Kurt Vonnegut phrases on it and a new deluxe lap desk. They're very nice. Also a selfie stick and a clip on lens for the iPhone camera. It does macro and wide angle. It's very cool. Ben got me some metal dog and chicken plaques. I need to find a good place to put them in my office.

I don't know. Maybe I was wrong about some of the presents. Maybe I should have thought more about them. I like Christmas. Christmas always seems like an opportunity to connect with your family. It will be sad to see it gone again.

More later,


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