Approaching the Brass Monkey Zone

Saturday morning and Ben is off helping the people who take care of the animals. He's getting stronger and that is good for him. He is being of use and learning while he works. This is a good thing. It will make him a good man.

I had dreams that were quite complicated and interesting. I can't remember them as usual but I'm trying to catch the feelings that came with them. I didn't want to get up while I was comfortable and dreaming.

The snow is quickly melting away here. The temperature is in the mid to high 30's. The only reason there's so much snow left is that the rain stopped. I think that for my needs, it was a perfect snow. Very pretty and it stuck nicely to the trees which made them look like storybooks. But it didn't seem to cause a lot of trouble and knock out the power. That's good.

The dogs liked playing in it but they liked coming in to sleep on the couch even more. The dogs and I are a lot alike.

Not completely alike though. I need to get back to writing the story while they just want to take long naps and dream about chasing rabbits in the snow. I am unwilling to say which of us has a better and more productive idea about the way we choose to spend our days, but I have my opinions.

Ashton got her package of 72 kazoos that she sent away for. They came while Ben and Me and Her were watching some Rifftrax movies last evening and we had fun playing different kazoo songs during the movies. Then Sue came home and brought pizza from Dirty Daves and we ate pizza. It was a pretty good evening for a while, then Sue went to bed and Ben went off to play games in his room. Ashton and I watched TV for a while which was fun.

Ashton bought the kazoos to take to her friends in school. They come as a party pack for Birthdays and things like that and the 72 small plastic kazoos cost $6 with shipping. I would say it's a pretty good use of $6. At least it will be if she doesn't get in trouble for taking them to school.

Smudge is napping on the floor behind me while I type. It's good to have dogs.

More later,


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