Things happen pretty fast

It seems I've done a lot of stuff this morning but gotten nothing done. That's not exactly true but I really have very little to show for the hassle of my morning. But I guess it could be worse, and I'm sure it will be, by and by.

So it might be a good idea to finish this up and go plop for a bit to wind down. I don't have the answer to all the problems I face in a day. A couple things happened this morning that made me think that this was a good day. Maybe they were just there to even things out a bit. That's what it looks like now.

Some kind of Karmic Ballast that is supposed to keep us interested in living. It goes, OK, so you caught your hand in the gate hinge and tore off your little finger, look here, you won $3600 in the daily drawing. Anyway, that's what it feels like.

In order to finish this piece, I really need to hit some little vein of interesting thought as I dig down into the active portion of my mind. I'm not saying that it needs to be entertaining or meaningful, far from it. It can be fluff. Like the stuff that vaporizes before it evens hits the Cotton Candy stick. Creative Shrinkage, in other words. Like lost grain from an open truck on the highway. The little chunks of dirt that blow off the backhoe's bucket when filling a hole.

I went by the Sheriff's office today to turn in some paperwork and was once again reminded of the way some people live their workdays. A slower pace but one that I wouldn't want. The same thing with my calls to PACLAB and the insurance companies. I talked to the supervisor at PACLAB and he actually complained to me about the way they're treated by the insurance companies. He gave me all this shit about, they deal with 100,000's of customers per day and the insurance company doesn't want to hear from them, just the customers. I recorded it because my note-taking is for shit, absolutely. I doubt I'll ever listen to it again but what the heck?

I am running out of productive things to write, as if any of the aforegoing stuff was productive. The end of the piece has forthwith come and I am undone for writing more. I want to have a nice Christmas and I need to let go of a bunch of the stuff that I'm tending to fixate on.

I need to remind Sue to do the same.

More later,

(photo by Dave Haas)


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