Tuesday Rolls Up and Says

Another night of middling quality. Another fight to get out of bed. I have to do some mighty arguing in the mornings, some really creative courtroom pleading to make the case for getting onto my feet and starting the day.

I think that it will get easier if I get this project for the drawings. I will have to do an awful lot of drawing to get that many pictures done in 3 months. That averages to more than one picture per day. I will definitely have to have some workarounds.

I will practice with the muscle and fat detail matrices and look again at the color palettes for quick picking of colors for muscle and fat and arteries and veins and nerves.

All these things should make the process faster. I also need to remember to Ctrl-' to use grids for labeling.

The really big obstacle is going to be the interpretation of the structures. The most important thing to move things along is to have the structures settled before I begin the drawing.

Now I want to get started on doing these things. I wasted yesterday trying to get Studio to work and get Painter to import AVI files images. I swear, if it's not one thing, it is definitely another.

More later,


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