Another Storm of the Century

For the past couple days there have FEMA alerts (through their convenient app) of an upcoming snow fall of between 1 and 7 inches that will cause problems for the region here. By yesterday the report said it would snow Thursday and then warm up and rain starting Friday.

As usual, I was up a few times during the night and repeated checks showed no snow falling. I got up at 8 AM, no snow. The radio said snow starting late tonight (Thursday) and through the night. I'm thinking it will snow when and if it snows and trouble will result or not.

I wrote a little on the story yesterday and it worked. I started writing and suddenly I was caught up in a big internal dialog about Gene's morality. This could be useful after editing to show his changing character when faced with a moral decision.

Time will give us the outcome. I shouldn't pay so much attention to the expert predictions. Their batting record is not that good.

I will make this another short blog because the other writing is better tackled head on and quickly. There is too large a tendency to push it until it is no longer possible and then make up an excuse.

I should report there were some strange dreams including one that was about a riddle. By the payoff, I had forgotten how the riddle went but the answer was gotten by Warren Prescott and it was "Exacerbate." Thinking back on it, considering the answer the riddle was most likely a sophomoric play on words.

Another dream involved a question from an anesthesiologist about the use of a monofilament nylon suture inside the heart to repair a ruptured papillary muscle. There was a short learned discussion about that one. I thought not, at least if it was a very large suture. I was afraid it was too stiff and might untie and cause damage.

Go figure those out.

More later,


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