The De-Christmasization Process has Begun

It's now Tuesday December 27th and all bets are officially off. Good Will Toward Men fades. Peace on Earth shrivels and everyone begins to pile bricks up in defensive formations again. Next comes the party that some people attend to congratulate themselves for making it through to another year. The celebration is hollow these days considering everything.

As a species and a country I think we have little to celebrate unless things change and I don't see that happening.

I'm not trying to be morose here. I personally am happy and want to stay that way, but being happy is a personal choice that must be defended to work.  It has little to do with the state of the world or mankind.

Things change from the original plan everywhere and here is no exception. We will see many more changes in the future. For now the change seems to be that my writing will take a back seat for a while as I dig into the illustrating job at hand. That is, if the illustrating job comes through. I haven't heard anymore but it is the Holidays and I should hear something after the first of the year.

I've decided I will make a couple of the muscle templates and switch them around use so that the patterns don't become too obvious. In the night I thought about doing all the drawings using hand drawn detail, only reverting to templates if I got too far behind. At the time it seemed more honest and upfront in giving them what they wanted. Now I think that I just need to make the brightest, most eye-catching pictures I can. That's what they are looking for.

I can make nicer templates though. That, at least, I can do. I also need to practice my printing because it sticks out so much on the pictures.

Yesterday I also came across, Video Painting in the Corel Video Studio and that might be the answer to part of the animation question. I should have something to show the guy when the break ends.

More later,

(Photo by Albyn Davis)


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