Cattedrale del cervello di grandi dimensioni

The same old kind of night happened again. There, that's faster than all the kvetching and whining and it accomplishes the same thing. Of course, so would just skipping this blog entirely. But then I wouldn't have the enormously rewarding pleasure of sharing my thoughts with an uncaring world. Just think of where the world would be then. Something crazy could happen. Get it?

So it's sunny and very cold out and I'm here in my cuddly little Swiss Chalet type house with my brace of Alsatian Dunderhund at my beck and call. I live a solitary but wonderful life here in the Cattedrale del cervello di grandi dimensioni, as the local peasantii call it.

The big news of the morning is that somebody in Romania (I'm guessing part of this) found my apologies website and wrote a rant about the Romanian police spying on people, in Romanian. It makes me proud to know that I helping people in other countries complain and get apologies for slights, real or imagined.

So let's get this knocked out and move on to avoiding the writing on the story. Honestly, it can't be that odious. Why am I digging in this way? It's totally ridiculous. the best and only way to get around this is to open the piece and start banging away on it. Have a little faith that the writing will work itself out. If it doesn't, it might be interesting to see what that looks like.

My guess would be it would be something like the. "All work and no play..." thing from the Shining. Although I don't think that could sneak up on you. What I wrote made me think about Shelley Duval, that's a sad story there. What makes people become psychotic later in life. Does it sneak up on you or does it happen in an instant?

I hope she gets better. Do you think people get better from something like that? I don't know.

More later,


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